About Irish Gardens and The Garden Lady!

Irish Gardens was created from a suggestion after a year of a plentiful garden. 

Hi! I'm Melissa aka The Garden Lady. Back in 2010 I was given a wonderful 8' x 8' Greenhouse for Mothers Day.  I bravely tried to grow different things with in it and some how did a pretty good job.  In fact I ended up giving away some herbs and vegetables. 

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After the suggestions from neighbors and friends of maybe starting a small business and selling at farmers markets I did just that.  And so Irish Gardens and The Garden Lady were born.  Irish Gardens is technically no longer a business, in terms of no longer growing or selling, but the knowledge that I gained over the years is something I will forever treasure and want to pass on. 

See as a Mother of 2 great kids (15 and 11) they loved and got involved too.  so by passing on the information I can keep Irish Gardens alive till I have land again to grow.