Oh for the love of Mint's!

Many a farmer or gardener have love/ hate relationships with the Mint.  Now why on Earth would such a wonderful smelling plant have such a bad rep?  Oh well simply put.....Mint doens't stay put.  Thats right this ground covering herb just loves to grow and spread it's scent around.  So why would you want to have this in your garden?  It keeps the ants and spiders away, tastes amazing in a tea or brownies, and well it smells good thats why.

So now your wondering if there is a way to contain this ever growing herb.  Well different varieties grow at different rates so you can find one that grows up more than out, like Apple Mint.  Or a nice little trick is take a old plastic pot.....wider than the base of your mint plant and bury the pot....but not before you remove the base.  Basically your going to prevent the roots from growing outside of a confined place, I will warn you though that this tricky plant (expecially the Chocolate Mint) will eventually find a way to over grow the buried pot you plant it in.  If not by creating runners out the top by letting those little runners grow deep and down around the base of the pot.  So why cut the bottom out?  Well they need room to expand.  This trick just keeps them contained a few extra years.

Pictured above and below are some of my favorite mints to grow..... There are a whole lot more if you get to a good Garden Center.  So next time you go herb shopping and think about picking up a mint or two....be sure to read the tag.....Cotton Candy Mint is a thing.

Regular Mint

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